CSL Newsletter February 2021

New CSL theme; Inclusive mobility and accessibility

In today’s society, a disability or a chronic illness can too often lead to marginalization. This happens due to the lack of accessible public spaces, buildings, transport and information and communication facilities. Within the CSL theme inclusive mobility and accessibility we strive – by doing innovative interdisciplinary research – to improve the social position of people with disabilities. We aim to stimulate the introduction of measures that actually enable people with disabilities to participate fully and respectfully in social life and, where necessary, provide support in their pursuit of a self-reliant existence.

VU (CSL) researchers and the Municipality of Amsterdam are working together on this theme to stimulate development of innovative projects (i.e. internships or course projects) and the inclusion of these projects in VU research and curricula. Through these projects, students can come into contact with research that aims to remove people from their marginalized position and contribute to progress on the objectives as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

While relevant research is already being conducted, we see it being carried out separately in isolated places. The development of this theme is intended to invite researchers to become jointly active in multidisciplinary research in the field of inclusive mobility and accessibility.

Let’s connect!

Working on research related to inclusive mobility and accessibility? Or would a case study on this theme be relevant for your course? Please get in touch with Marlies Visser (marlies.visser@vu.nl)


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