Online Discussion Seminar: what parts of education will stay online?

During this seminar there will be brief (5min) input from 3 leading experts:

  1. Daniel Haven, Founder and CEO of ProctorExam
  2. Silvester Draaijer, Programmamanager VU Network for Teaching and Learning
  3. Carol Tarr, Lecturer Nijenrode, Co-Founder Wominvest Observatory

After this you may speak freely, to bring your own points or observations.

Topics that may be discussed include:

  • Is online education sensible for kids? 
  • Is online education sensible for adults? 
  • Is the campus experience better than MOOCS?
  • Did Corona cause fresh thinking about the campus experience?
  • Will online education give everyone access to famous universities?
  • Are the current universities ready to meet the new challenges?

Sign up on Eventbrite. You can join last minute, via:

The event will be available to alumni from invited alumni clubs, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Columbia, etc.

See you there.

MIT NL/ Harvard Club of the Netherlands



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