SBE Innovation Center


The mission of SBE Innovation Center located at is to develop, test and promote teaching innovation of an international top standard. Organized as a platform innovative members of the staff exchange innovative teaching experience. Our definition of innovation is very pragmatic. Are you using a tool, method or software that is not known or standard in the whole faculty? Feel most welcome to join! Just fill out a form and send it to us with a picture. Note that your experience on material already present on the platform is most welcome as well (positive or negative). The more experiences shared, the better!

Next to the platform the Center provides comprehensive services regarding information and support. Curious to try something new? Let us know if you wish information or assistance. We can help you to solve various problems, such as choosing the right teaching approach, installing software, getting devices to work or, if you wish, in-class support from a member of the management team during trials.

When redesigning the SBE education programmes, Committee van der Wel already put a strong emphasis on teaching innovation and teaching performance. Now that all changes are being implemented, both innovation and performance are becoming increasingly more important for career moves.

FEWEB Innovation Center – Innovating Together (SKO-project)


Naam en voorletters:  Lindner, I.D.
Functie:  Universitair hoofddocent
Afdeling, Faculteit:  Econometrie & OR, SBE
SKO / LOL:  SKO-project
Project opgezet voor:  School of Business and Economics

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