Liberal Arts in the Sciences – Interdisciplinarity in AUC’s Theme Courses


Liberal Arts in the Sciences – Interdisciplinarity in AUC’s Theme Courses

Most ‘Big Questions in Society’ cannot be understood, let alone addressed, by monodisciplinary research. Coming from Environmental Sciences, I am used to working with interdisciplinary research methods and in interdisciplinary teams, but it is not easy to teach the required associated interdisciplinary skills. Although such skills are key in Liberal Arts and Sciences programmes, they do not seem to be fostered very well in the current programme at the Amsterdam University College (AUC). This project focused on AUC’s themes courses, especially the theme courses that are (cross) listed as sciences courses. Since these courses are one of the few obligatory courses that are interdisciplinary, they have a large responsibility within the curriculum. This project evaluated the interdisciplinary contents of the theme courses and formulated improvements based on literature research and interviews with the teachers.


Naam en voorletters:  M.A. van Drunen
Functie:  Director of Education
Afdeling, Faculteit:  Amsterdam University College
SKO / LOL:  SKO-project
Project opgezet voor:  Amsterdam University College

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