VU Network for Teaching and Learning

VU Network for Teaching & Learning (VU NT&L) is the network of VU with the mission to be the flourishing and inspiring VU Educational Community! Faculties, teachers, students, LEARN! Academy, UB, SOZ, IT and FCO/AVC work together to realize excellent education at the VU.
VU NT&L, better known as VU Education Lab, was launched on 1 March 2019 and lead by a team consisting of Gerhard van de Bunt (FSW and chairman KnowVU), Sylvester Draaijer (SOZ), Hester Glasbeek (LEARN! Academy) and Arjan Schalken (UB), who unfortunately left VU last January. Besides, a student member of the USR is co-decider of VU NT&L and Maurits van Tulder, dean FGB, is administrative sponsor of VU NT&L.
We work along four lines:

  • Education Lab – where you can go with your questions and get to know committed colleagues
  • Educational culture – see to it that everyone involved in education gets to know each other better during meetings on relevant educational themes
  • Educational quality – stimulate and support development of activities and training based on demand from the VU
  • Educational innovation – help teachers with small and large innovations in the field of education, didactics and ICT.

VU Education Lab

In the physical VU Education Lab teachers can come with all their questions regarding education and meet colleagues. Here you learn about proven effective and creative teaching methods and you can experiment with the latest teaching techniques. Come in, see and judge for yourself in NU 1A-25. In the VU Education Lab you’ll meet the following enthusiastic and helpful team, always willing to assist you.

VU NT&L is accountable to the VU NT&L Steering committee. See below.