Lisanne makes Canvaspage for the study ‘Law in Society’, course: Criminology.

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I am Lisanne van der wijde, student-assistant at the VU Education Lab since September 2019. Together with other student-assistants at the VU Education Lab, I work on various projects, including the project that wants to make Canvas “student friendly”. In this project, I help lecturers in creating a neat, overviewable Canvas page.

A few weeks ago, the time finally came to publish my first Canvas page! For the study: ‘Law in Society’, I designed the Canvas page for the course: Criminology. For this, I had intensive contact with the lecturer of this course. The collaboration with this lecturer is very important, since it is the lecturer who should be ultimately content with the end result.

What I really like, is that I can provide advice on the design of the Canvas page, from a student’s perspective. Additionally, it is a great challenge to ensure that the lecturer is satisfied with the final Canvas page. Satisfied is this lecturer surely! I received many positive reactions on the publication of my first Canvas page, and I look forward to creating many more! So, bring it on lecturers; would you also like some help in making a Canvas Page? Don’t hesitate and register for the Canvas Cafés, or pass by at the VU Education Lab, location HG 1B-21.