Unique project proposal generates 175,000 euros of SURF subsidy for FGW Lecturers Methods

SURF is the ICTO-cooperation of education and research
Marleen de Moor

Together with UvA, UU and EUR, FGW Lecturers Methods will create and make publicly available an extensive database of statistics. Silvester Draaijer of VU NT&L played a major supporting role in the realization of the project plan through the Special Interest Group (SIG) Lecturer Methods and Technology. In a simple way and according to their own needs, lecturers can use the database for their own education. The national network of Lecturers Methods is actively involved in this project. Would you like more information about this unique project? Please contact the project leader, Marleen de Moor, via m.h.m.de.moor@vu.nl.

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