Webinar Internationalisation at Home – Nuffic and HU University of Applied Sciences, 25 June 13:30 – 16:00

Nuffic De Nederlandse organisatie voor internationalisering in onderwijs.

Webinar about Virtual Exchange (VE).

During this webinar terminology and forms of VE such as COIL, EVE and Telecollaboration will be discussed. You will learn how to find suitable partners and how to collaborate in terms of content in the preparation and implementation of VE. The focus is on intercultural & language learning. Finally, you will also discuss the courses you can take yourself to develop or improve your skills. There is room for discussion and you may submit questions to the experts by experience.

The meeting is intended for policymakers on internationalisation, developers of education and lecturers at universities of applied sciences and universities dealing with internationalisation at home.

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