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It’s quite a while ago since we were all together on the Campus. Who would have thought that the coronavirus and the measures taken would drastically change our doings in such a short period of time? But, we haven’t stood still, and this hasn’t been unnoticed. At the request of the Executive Board, VU NT&L has developed a website to help teachers with online teaching and learning. The result is an inspiring website with an overview of available tools, didactic and technical advice, and tips and tricks for online teaching and learning.
The information is structured in such a way that it is useful both for lecturers who are going to provide online education for the first time and for teaching staff who have more experience of this. The main focus is on providing practical advice about online learning, teaching and testing, the associated didactic insights and helpful ICT tools that can be put into practice immediately. Best practices are also presented, as well as the potential pitfalls and drawbacks of each specific approach.
All materials can be found on
This website is a ‘living document’ that is constantly being enriched.

Workshops, help desk and meetings
The website adheres to the quality requirements for online education, which have recently been finalized. The developers of the VU online assessment taxonomy (currently under development) were also consulted, to ensure that the site is consistent with that taxonomy. In addition, a roadmap is presented for lecturers who wish to review their entire course, there will be a revised ICT&O tool guide, new software will be tested for creating and editing knowledge clips and the Audio-Visual Centre will set up studios and lecture rooms in preparation for the switch to blended learning.

But that’s not all. VU NT&L, together with LEARN! Academy, Audiovisual Centre, Student and Educational Affairs and the University Library, has arranged for extra hands to help teachers on their way. We hope this joint support will contribute to the quality of our educational programmes and that you’ll frequently visit the website for inspiration!

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