Discover Your VUture

How can we help students to make conscious choices in their study career? With that question in mind, the new online study reflection game of the VU Education Lab, Discover Your VUture, went live on 14 September. Through questions such as ‘Which magazine do you pick up at the dentist?’, ‘What do you prefer to do alongside your studies?’ and ‘Would you like to do a more in-depth minor or would you rather do an internship in the Zuidas business district?’, first-year students were given a profile such as ‘Career tiger’ or ‘World Improver’.

After reading their profile, the students had to ask themselves: does that profile fit me? What type of academic would I actually like to be when I graduate? They discussed this with each other, under the guidance of their student mentor. Some first-year students indicated that some answers to the questions weighed too heavily on the end result, because an alternative answer would have led to a totally different profile. Of course, this is exactly the intention of the game: to give students the opportunity to make choices that affect the academic they will eventually become.

Offering this reflection exercise in the form of a self-test (albeit in a fun way), like those that are widely circulated on social media, provides an accessible way for students to think about how they can shape their academic career. The first message they receive in the game is that there is more to being a student than merely reading books and taking exams, while the ‘VU tips’ at the end of the game consist of a list of sources of help and inspiration that students can use throughout their studies.

The pilot scheme of Discover Your VUture was initially developed for first-year students in Administration and Organizational Sciences, as part of the tutorial/mentorship. The goal is to make the game available to all Bachelor’s programmes at VU Amsterdam.

For more information, mail: Nadia van der Pool (

Game development: MSG Sustainable Strategies
Graphic design: In de Hens – Concept & Motion Graphic Design
Website: RDesign
By order of: VU Education Lab, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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