Media & Learning association: webinar 18/19 Nov – Sustaining and innovating video based services in Higher Education in times of crisis. Free of charge for VU staff

Please read below information regarding this two-day conference.

Many Higher Education institutions are struggling to cope with the challenges of up-scaling and adapting to the circumstances brought about by the global pandemic. At the same time as demand on online services is at its peak, so to is the demand for meaningful, effective learning opportunities that take into account students’ well-being, pedagogical innovation and technical advances. On top of all this comes the needs of teaching and support staff.  So how can today’s university or college cater for such demanding situations?

Media & Learning Online doesn’t promise to provide all the answers, but it is an event where practitioners meet and share their experiences, where inspiration and innovation take centre-stage, and where networking and collaboration across borders are at the core. Join us on 18-19 November as our online story continues……

Registration Day 1 and Day 2

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