Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning to address Societal Challenges

February 2 2021 to June 19 2021 (P4 to P6)

Are you a student or thesis supervisor interested in addressing complex challenges related to COVID-19, Food, Digital Inclusion, or Circular Economy through interdisciplinary and international research together with the communities? Join Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning: Addressing Challenges Through Transdisciplinary Research.

Complex issues such as sustainability, digitalization, globalization, and inequality are multi-faceted and concern diverse actors, which can’t be addressed effectively from a single perspective. This year, Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning: Addressing Challenges Through Transdisciplinary Research course (AM_1253; 6EC) is engaging master students from diverse programs/disciplines and countries to work on the issues of COVID-19, Digital Inclusion, Food, and Circular Economy together with students/partners outside the university.

In the course (offered from February to June 2021), students from different disciplines from VUA, European Universities of the AURORA alliance, and other countries from the Global South will collaborate to address the challenges in a transdisciplinary way. Ideally the students participate in the course parallel to their own graduation project related to any of the four thematic areas (COVID-19, Food, Digital Inclusion, or Circular Economy). Students can thus learn from each other and enrich their own graduation projects. Students also benefit from the expertise/insights of esteemed Athena faculty members including Prof. dr. Aura Timen and Prof. dr. Marjolein Zweekhorst. Interested? Please contact

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