Review VU Education Day 2021: VUture proof education – where do online and campus meet?

Panel discussion led by moderator Marijn Plomp (SBE). Panel, from left to right: Rob de Crom (SBE), Kat Baron (USR) Marriëtte Huizinga (FGB) and Christine Moser (FSW)

This was it. Our first online VU Education Day on 18 February, organized by SOZ (Marrij Zeeman and the VU Education Lab). After months of brainstorming with the Academic Committee, consisting of Sylvia Vink, Gonneke Willemsen, Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen, Silvester Draaijer and Gerhard van de Bunt, an ambitious programme was put together.

The day kicked off surprisingly with a poster session that participants could visit via During the official opening, Vinod Subramaniam emphasized that the positive aspects of online education will be taken into the future, but that the basis will still be education on campus, because this is simply part of a university education. The keynote speech on blended learning by Neil Morris, the various workshops, Roel Meijvis’ plea for discussion with students and lecturers in order to determine what can be achieved in practice, and the animated panel discussion at the end made this VU Education Day one to remember. And this is not only because of the corona period we are experiencing, but also because of the feelings that this special VU Education Day evoked in some people. For example, Hylke Vervaeke (Neuroscience) wrote the VU Education Lab:

‘I want to thank you for organizing the VU Education Day!
Positive effect on my mood, I feel more connected to the VU, colleagues and others involved. Keep up the good work!’

This is what we are aiming for, isn’t it? The VU Community!

The video ‘Implementation and adoption of blended learning’ of Barend Last can be viewed here. Below you”ll find the slides of the presentations.

1.1 Motivation of students in online education

1.2 Implementatie en adoptie van blended learning

1.3 De lessen van corona

1.4 Discover your Vuture 2

1.5 Hybride onderwijs in de praktijk

1.6 Students who care

1.7 en 2.7 Virtual Reality

2.1 Analyse tijdregistratie

2.3 Unlocking innovation during lockdown

2.4 Community Service Learning in an online setting

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