How to make sure that students appreciate your active learning method – 2?

This tip is about the importance of embedding the assignment in the learning process. As a teacher, you must always ensure that it is clear to students why assignments are used and how they should be carried out.

Embedding the assignment in the learning process

This tip is about the importance of embedding the assignment in the learning process. Without clear embedding, students do not know what is expected of them.

First of all, it must be clear to the teacher and the student why the combination of assignments of self-study, collaboration and lectures is essential for the learning process.

Secondly, the lecturer must explicitly pay attention to the importance of the self-study or collaboration by students, and link it to activities and the learning goals of the course. As a teacher, you will make this explicit

  • in the module manual and/or digital learning environment
  • in the first meeting
  • repeatedly during the course

Third, the teacher introduces the activities for self-study or collaboration in the preceding lecture or work group (feedup). For the student it is clear

  • what is expected (criteria) and when (deadline)
  • how it can best be done (process)
  • why the activities are relevant

Finally, the teacher takes into account the students’ existing study skills and provides additional instructions and/or guidance when necessary.


Choose one assignment in your teaching of which you know students appreciate activation. How is the assignment made known in the module manual and during the meetings. How is it made clear what is expected of them?

Now look at an assignment where students complained or where you did not see the result you expected. Can you perceive that it was not clear in the module manual or what you actually expected from the students?

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