About us

VU NT&L is the network of the VU with the mission to be the flourishing and inspiring VU Educational Community! Faculties, teachers, students, LEARN! Academy, UB, SOZ, IT and FCO/AVC work together to realize excellent education at the VU.

The VU Network for teaching and learning (better known as the VU Education Lab) was introduced on 1 march 2019

Three goals

  1. Strengthening the educational culture
  2. Strengthening the quality of education
  3. Educational innovation

VU NT&L is driven by a team consisting of Gerhard van de Bunt (FSW and chairman KnowVU), Sylvester Draaijer (SOZ), Hester Glasbeek (LEARN! Academy and Arjan Schalken (UB). A student member of the USR is also co-decider. Maurits van Tulder, dean FGB is an administrative sponsor and VU NT&L is accountable to the VU NT&L steering committee.