Sometimes you hear or read about another perspective on a scientific problem, on a didactic approach, on a technical problem or on a political issue, of which you think ‘I’ve never looked at it like that before, but there’s something in it’. It makes you doubt. Do I have to make up another mind?

In this new section NT&L gives the floor to a teacher, a student, someone from the supporting staff, a program director, whoever, as long as the issue at hand touches on education (at the VU). All we ask is a surprising look, a different view, an eye opener.

Every month a different person will address an intriguing issue. Would you like to make a contribution? Please contact

Contract with Mentimeter continued until 2024

Mentimeter is the online tool of VU to vote online or to organize competitions. It is widely used for teaching, but also for many other purposes. Especially during the corona period, Mentimeter is being used a lot.  Based on a negotiated tender, Mentimeter has been selected again as the most suitable online voting tool for […]
December 10, 2020
Mawuena Evans

Being a Community University

The new Director of Student and Educational Affairs, ir. Wilma van Wezenbeek, shares some thoughts about the direction in which the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam should be headed: could we be a Community University instead of a Campus University! Being a community university A special day to write some reflections. Firstly because I had a really […]
September 29, 2020
Wilma Van Wezenbeek