Campus Champions

In these times of Corona, the VU campus looks quite deserted. But behind the scenes, a team of VU staff is pulling out all the stops to keep the education going. We at VU Education Lab like to call them ‘Campus Kanjers’, i.e. Campus Champions. These colleagues deserve to be put in the spotlight. This page features stories on how they manage to keep the VU up and running.  

“My studies have taught me what students should learn, but at VU Education Lab I learn how to put that into practice”

Charlotte Meijer – VU Onderwijswerkplaats

“VU NT&L is doing their utmost to support students and staff and to provide top-notch, responsible online education.”

Silvester Draaijer – VU Onderwijswerkplaats

“It was great that we had already made a start with this process before the Corona crisis began; this allowed us to take the lead in the digitisation process, instead of having to create a working group on the spot.”

Steve Keya – VU Onderwijswerkplaats

“I was really happy about the fact that we, as support staff with different fields of expertise, were able to help the teaching staff immediately.”

Rob van Leeuwen – IT Department

“Teaching staff should be able to use information without having to consider the copyright aspects too much. I believe we as a university should facilitate that part of their job.”

Cees van Gent – Project Leader Educational Support at the University Library