LEARN! Academy is the preferred supplier for didactic courses for VU teachers. Most teachers at the VU already follow a University Teaching Qualification course (UTQ), Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ) or an Educational Leadership Course (LOL)

But there’s still more! There is, for example, an interesting offer of open courses. As an instructor, you can immerse yourself in didactic subjects and expand your expertise. In this way, you increase the quality of your teaching and ensure that students are optimally involved. Have a look at the open courses for University level teachers!

Open Course offerings

  • Workshopseries Mixed Classroom
  • Begeleiding en beoordeling van stages en scripties
  • Diversiteit als meerwaarde
  • Introductie startende examencommissie
  • Theatervaardigheden

Besides, there are courses for professionalization trajects, such as

  • Blended Learning
  • Curriculumontwikkeling
  • Professionalisering van docenten
  • Toetsbekwaamheid
  • Diversiteit in het onderwijs

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