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VU NT&L supports groups of lecturers and employees to stimulate knowledge exchange and the development of best practices. Known as the special interest groups (SIGs). At this moment there are SIGs for the development of the Perusall online programme and Feedbackfruits.

But there is more! There are more topics where knowledge exchange and best practices are important to innovate the education and to improve the educational quality. Please tell us your idea for a new SIG. Just send an email to the VU education Lab ( Any wild idea can be a winner!

If you want to start a SIG, the VU education lab will help you to find fellow interested people. The VU education lab also offers a SIG €500.– per year for the costs of drinks, a speaker and for example a trip to a conference. We will also support you in practical things such as locations, coffee & tea and an email list.

In return, we ask you to make a small plan with information about the SIG , what you want to do, to organise a meeting of the SIG (at least twice a year) and to give a report of the activities and the developments at the end of the year.

The SIGs

  • Admission policy: (SOZ OKP). Please inform Hayke that you want to participate in this SIG.
  • Tutoring and mentoring: (VU NT&L) Please inform Gerhard that you want to participate in this SIG.
  • 3D, VR, Augmented and Mobility: (UB). Please inform Sylvia that you want to participate in this SIG.
  • Learning Spaces: (FCO AVC). Joint development of ideas around intensifying contact time. E.g. around Collaborative Classrooms, digital presentation tools, virtual classrooms, etc.
    Please inform Erik that you want to participate in this SIG.
  • Development and use of Open Educational Resources: (UB). Please inform Cees that you want to participate in this SIG.
  • Online video: (FCO AVC). Please inform Erik that you want to join this SIG.
  • Innovations in Digital testing: (VU NT&L). Please inform Silvester that you want to participate in this SIG.
  • Active learning for small and large groups: (LEARN! Academy). Please contact Hester about this.
  • Blended Learning:,  (FGB). Please, contact Luuk or Marijke about this.
  • Community Service (BETA). Please, contact Marjolein about this. For further information: Community Service Learning