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Interactive documents and streamlined peer feedback

It often takes teachers a great deal of time to provide feedback to students during their teaching. In many cases, using peer feedback can be a good alternative, because it appears that fellow students can often put forward good points for improvement. However, organizing peer feedback still often takes a great deal of time. The result is that there aren’t many teachers yet who make use of it, or make only limited use of it. This, despite the fact that it is now generally known that (peer) feedback has a positive influence on the development of students and their learning results.

The BETA faculty has licensed FeedbackFruits in order to offer teachers better support for peer feedback and other interactive working methods.

FeedbackFruits functionalities

FeedbackFruits offers a number of Canvas plugins with an intuitive interface. The tools support the entire process of teaching or peer feedback from submission of the work to reflection on the feedback received. The tools offer teachers the flexibility to set up (peer) feedback assignments to suit their own teaching. A dashboard provides the instructor with an overview of each student’s progress and gives the instructor the opportunity to make adjustments where necessary. Within the FeedbackFruits licence there are also tools with which you can make videos, documents, presentations, and audio files interactive by adding questions to them and/or allowing students to discuss them.

In collaboration with the VU Network for Teaching & Learning, the toolset has been implemented for use within the BETA faculty.

Under leadership of dr. Danny Scholten, lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences, several pilots with these tools have been done in different courses within BETA in the first semester of academic year 2019-2020. Interviews with lecturers and student evaluations show that they are very satisfied with the tools. Last January 2020, the tools were also used in the joint Drug Innovation project of both the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science, Business & Innovation with about 150 students. The student evaluation shows that almost all respondents (88%, N=52) find the functionality of the tools sufficient to good. Three-quarters find the tools (very) user-friendly. In addition, 80% of the students agree with the statement that FeedbackFruits should be used again in this course. Besides, more than two thirds of the students recommend to further roll out FeedbackFruits.

Danny Scholten gave an overview of the different tools of FeedbackFruits and the results of two pilots during the VU Education Day 2020.

Would you like to know more about FeedbackFruits or are you interested in using one or more tools within your own teaching? If so, please contact Danny Scholten via or

To stay informed about the developments you can also become a member of the VU FeedbackFruits SIG.