The VU Onderwijswerkplaats has hired additional student assistants as of 1 July 2020. They will be able to provide lecturers from all faculties with advice and hand and span services in preparing the education for the Academic Year 2020-2021. The student assistants of the VU Educational Lab assist and advise on the design of Canvas and the use of specific tools. From their student perspective, they can also indicate what would be good to introduce in education.

How can a faculty make use of the services of student assistants?

  • Through the faculty. The first point of contact for support in the preparation of your teaching is through your faculty (your faculty contact person Online Education, policy officer or programme director). You must therefore first contact them. If you agree together that you need a little extra help for a specific job (e.g. an online workshop or advice for a group of lecturers), that faculty person will contact us. We will then determine together which student assistant is available as soon as possible. The available student-assistant will then contact you to see what is needed and whether the student-assistant can be put to good use. We try to cluster student assistants per faculty as much as possible, but they are managed from the VU Educational Lab.

The list of faculty contacts can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Through the daily consultation hours. Meet the student assistants at the daily consultation hour that can be found via the event list of the VU Education Lab or via Canvaspage Online Education. Questions will be dealt with during that consultation hour, but if necessary or desired, follow-up appointments can also be made.
  • Through the workshops of the VU Education Lab. Meet the student assistants at the workshops organised by VU NT&L. These workshops can also be found via the event list of the VU Onderwijswerkplaats. The workshops deal with a more specific theme, but often there is plenty of room for questions and answers.
  • Through the question-box of VU NT&L. You can send your question via this form. Questions that come in there will be sent to LEARN! Academy, the AVC, the people behind online proctoring or to the VU Educational Workshop. Depending on your question, it will be answered by an expert or by student assistants if that is most appropriate for the question.
  • Through an e-mail to the VU Onderwijswerkplaats. You can always send us an e-mail of course.

Support from your faculty

If you want to send a question directly to the Canvas support of your own faculty, please use the general canvas email addresses at the bottom of this page.

Names of the faculty support staff

Contactpersons for support staff Online education (Corona):

ACTADiana Razab
FGBAnja de

They participate in the online education support meeting that is held every Monday.