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It’s quite a while ago since we were all together on the Campus. Who would have thought that the coronavirus…
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Chris van Klaveren awarded 500,000 euros for Comenius Leadership Fellowship for successful study plan for students with study delays

Awards and Grants
The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Comenius Leadership Fellowship of €500.000 to Chris van Klaveren. The grant is…
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Digital consulting hours didactics

Education overall VU Education Lab
Every Monday and Wednesday from 16.00 – 17.00 hrs, Marijke Leijdekkers of VU LEARN! Academy and Mariska Min-Lelieveld of UvA…
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Unique project proposal generates 175,000 euros of SURF subsidy for FGW Lecturers Methods

Awards and Grants SURF
SURF is the ICTO-cooperation of education and research Marleen de Moor Together with UvA, UU and EUR, FGW Lecturers Methods…
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Review SURF webinar of 17 april: alternative test methods

Education overall SURF
SURF is the ICT- Cooperation of Education and Research This webinar is dedicated to alternative test methods for the final…
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FAQ: remote testing and reviewing

Online Testing SURF
SURF is the ICT co-operation of education and research In order to support teachers as much as possible with online…
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Weekly walk-in consultations Mixed Classroom and Community Service Learning cancelled

CSL Mixed Classroom
The weekly walk-in consultations of Mixed Classroom and Community Service Learning on Mondays from 11:00 – 12:00 have been cancelled…
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Online teaching at the VU in the context of Corona

Education overall ICTO
The VU Educational Lab is ready to support teachers to carry out the VU university education online. In order to…
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Teaching and Learning tips VU Education Lab

Education overall VU Education Lab
VU Education Lab Teaching and Learning tips The VU Education Lab has put together an extensive online collection of teaching…
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