As an educational consultant in the IT department, Rob van Leeuwen normally has an advisory role. The corona era brought a change of tasks for him: “The first few weeks we were very busy putting the information supply in order and testing tools for online education. Now I am mainly busy solving complex issues that the IT helpdesk does not yet have an answer to. I’m trying to figure out exactly how programmes work, try to understand privacy issues and tackle possible problems”. Fortunately, the storm has now passed a bit and Rob is therefore more concerned with the context of NT&L and the various ICT&O tools that are now more in demand, such as Perusallen FeedbackFruits . These tools are already well organised on a small scale, so that makes it easier to offer them on a large scale.

Rob hopes that the low-threshold online walk-in hours that were introduced during the first weeks of the lockdown will continue to exist. “The fact that we as support officers with various areas of expertise were able to help the teachers straight away, I thought, worked very well. It’s nice that people can get to it with just one click.” Rob would therefore like to inform teachers that they are welcome to knock on their (the VU Education Lab’s) door. He would also like to see a simple and easily accessible platform for teachers with a good overview of (online) tools and platforms – so that they can easily see and understand what they can best use.

When asked how working from home is going, Rob answers that it’s going fine. “I have a fixed setup and when I close the door of the study, I’m at work. Because I work from home, I cycle less, so I have to do that more often on purpose”. Although the hustle and bustle of the first few weeks has subsided, Rob is still working a lot. “I only arrived last week to sort and tidy up my mailbox.” However, he is now busy making a large photo book.

What Rob is looking forward to when the campus doors open again is the VU Education Workshop. “I miss being able to discuss things with and reach out to others easily. I also miss traveling to another place very much.