Educational Innovation

VU Amsterdam is constantly working on innovation in the educational domain, both in terms of didactics and technological support. This is done on a small scale by individual teachers and on a larger scale by programs or faculties. An important driver for educational innovation are innovation projects.

SIGs and Help

  • Assistance – VU Education Lab student assistants can help teachers from all faculties.
  • Special Interest Groups – VU NT&L supports SIGs to encourage knowledge exchange and development.

VU-wide projects

  • 3D@VU – 3D is the location at the campus where everything revolves around Dialogue, Debate and Diversity.
  • A Broader Mind – In the A Broader Mind Course you discover your role in society, now and in the future.
  • Aurora – Aurora is a European university network platform for learning from and with each other.
  • Diversity – We train our students to see things from a broader perspective.
  • Development Program Junior lecturers – The DPJ is an opportunity for creative and talented junior lecturers.
  • Mixed Classroom – This educational approach builds upon differences to enrich learning experiences.
  • Pre-University College – Secondary schools and VU work together to prepare students for their studies.
  • Virtual Reality – Research and education come together in immersive VR environments.

VU Education Lab Projects

  • Canvas Student Friendly – From the project, tips have emerged that work for any programme.
  • FeedbackFruits – FbF offers a number of (peer) feedback plugins for Canvas with an intuitive interface.
  • Goal Setting – Goal Setting contributes to better study results and equal opportunities.
  • Teaching methods and techniques
  • Perusall – Perusall is an online program where students collectively study texts.
  • Pop-up studio – With help of student assistants and an AVC specialist, you create your own knowledge clips.