Canvas Student Friendly

Well and clearly designed Canvas courses help students to quickly find the information they need and to have a pleasant user experience. Cluttered courses give a bad impression about the quality of the education and actually make students struggle (too much) to find the right information.

In this Education Lab project, student assistants, contracted by the Education Workshop, will support programs to “tighten” Canvas courses. They will create a unified format that is the same for all courses of a program. At the same time, they coordinate with instructors whether the layout and content are still in line with the learning objectives and the course, as it is intended to be implemented.

‘How do I ensure that students can easily find all course-related information?’ How do I involve international students sufficiently in the course? How do I create a clear module and announce it via an announcement?

Watch one of the videos below and for additional answers to the questions above, visit the Online Education Page and the Canvas Café website.