Canvas Student Friendly

Canvas is the communication platform for courses at VU Amsterdam. For example, here you can notify students of important events, you can share files with them, and they can submit their assignments here. It is important that students can actually find everything they need on these Canvas courses.

This is why the Canvas Student Friendly project was started: how can you use Canvas in such a way that students never miss anything and can easily find the right information? As a teacher, you then never have to hear that students were unaware of something, and students don’t have to waste time searching; time they could have spent studying.

The Canvas Student Friendly project consulted with students about how Canvas could be set up most efficiently and effectively. This has resulted in tips that work for every course. In pilots, these tips were put into practice to check if they actually make Canvas Student Friendly. Students and teachers were highly enthusiastic!

Do you want a Student Friendly Canvas course, too? The student assistants at the VU Education Lab would love to help you! Our students can work with you and give you some practical tips or they can set up your entire Canvas course for you. Would you like us to drop by a faculty meeting for a quick workshop? That is also possible. Please contact us at

More information can be found on the Online Education page and on our Canvas Student Friendly website.