VU Projects

VU-broad projects affect many parts of teaching. They have their own funding and separate project leaders. Examples of these projects are:

Educational Innovation Projects Network

The Educational Innovation Projects Network consists of people who work as a project leader. This group meets four times a year to exchange knowledge, advise each other and discuss future activities.

Currently this group consists of the following people:

  • Theo Bakker (VUdata)
  • Yvonne Berkhoff (Studeren met een functiebeperking)
  • Gerhard van de Bunt (VU NT&L)
  • Maiza Campos Ponce (Junior Docenten)
  • Miranda van Holland (3D@VU)
  • Wendy Maat (International Office)
  • Loes Mulders (Pre-University College)
  • Isabella van Ophem (OKP)
  • Esmee Paques (Aurora)
  • Siema Ramdas (Mixed Classroom)
  • Nynke Rodenhuis (A Broader Mind)
  • Marieke Slootman (Chief Diversity Officer Education)
  • Marjolein Zweekhorst (Community Service Learning)