3D @ VU

3D is the place where abrasive questions and clashing opinions are not avoided, depth rather than flattening is sought, and encounter rather than alienation. In 3D, everyone is welcome, everything is negotiable and we work together on an open and inclusive VU campus community.

To make the most of the space and make it known within the VU community, we are working on providing strong programming. Important players in this are VU-Pride, SOZ, USR, New Connective, DOCS, Center Ethos, VU Family and Advalvas. Student associations are also explicitly invited to organize activities. Input from all faculties is welcome.

With 3D we create an environment at VU where all sorts of issues, social debates and conversations take place. Where the debate does not get bogged down in a rigid silence but a genuine desire to hear the other in the knowledge that your voice will also be heard. We want to encourage students to question each other and challenge them to step out of their own bubble.

You will find 3D at the campus square, on the corner of the W&N building. The 3D room can be booked for activities that fit the character and objectives of 3D. If you would like to discuss a programme that you would like to organize in 3D, please contact the programme coordinator Miranda van Holland c.r.van.holland@vu.nl