A Broader Mind: Discover yourself, change the world

VU Amsterdam encourages students, academics and professionals to be open-minded. People with A Broader Mind who are academically and personally evolved, and socially oriented. In this way we can transcend contradictions, find sustainable solutions and work towards a better world.

Looking beyond the borders of your education

In the A Broader Mind Course, you discover your role in society, now and in the future. You will tackle themes that are directly related to your personal growth, such as success & failure, happiness & health, living in a digital world, rebellion and philosophy of life. You will link these to important social themes, such as sustainability, poverty or the pursuit of the perfect body.

Course content
You choose one of the two A Broader Mind tracks (and can follow the other track in another year).
Each course consists of four themes:

Track A
Success & Failure (SBE)
Poverty (FSW)
Human Body (RCH)
Rebellion (FGW)

You approach each theme with a personal question and a social challenge, and approach this from different scientific angles. At the end of the course, you present your final assignment in a creative way (for example: a video, a vlog, a story, a poem or a letter to your future self) to your fellow group members.

See the Study Guide for all information on A Broader Mind Course: Track A and Track B.

Become co-creator of A Broader Mind
A unique feature of A Broader Mind is that the programme is developed by teachers and students. You can participate too! You can do so in two different ways:

  1. As a member of the feedback team. In a few development sessions, you give feedback on the course content and come up with ideas to improve the course. (Time commitment: three times a year in September and October, one and a half hours per session).
  2. As a member of the building team. You become a course developer and work with a small team to further develop one of the themes of A Broader Mind. You will gather for several team meetings to brainstorm new ideas, write assignments and develop new course materials. (Time commitment: August-February, 8-10 hours per month).

Register for this via abroadermindcourse@vu.nl. You will then be invited to an information session where you will learn more about participating in the feedback and/or building team. You do not need to have followed the course to become a co-creator.

Become a student guide at A Broader Mind
We are looking for enthusiastic senior students to accompany a group of students during A Broader Mind Course, as a student guide. You will help the students with both on-campus and online activities, give feedback and grade the final assignment. We will prepare you well for this: both prior to and during the Broader Mind Course you will receive training and coaching. So it is very instructive from the start!

Does this sound like fun? Please contact us via abroadermindcourse@vu.nl for more information. As a student guide you will receive a volunteer fee.