Development Program for Junior Lecturers

The Development Program for Junior Lecturers (DPJ) is an exciting opportunity for creative and talented junior lecturers at VU Amsterdam to develop professionally as a teacher, to participate in educational innovations and to build a track record for a career in education. The program is aimed at building a community and to deepen and broaden the junior lecturers’ knowledge and skills in education and educational innovation.

Program setup

The complete program is meant for junior lecturers with a 4-year contract. The Teacher Learning Community (TLC) is also available for junior lecturers with a contract of at least 2 years.

At the end of the program, you are able to teach, design, develop and innovate education independently and on an academic level. You can contribute in an active and constructive manner to projects that are aimed at innovating and/or improving the quality of education.

The aim of the Teacher Learning Community is to offer a stimulating environment where junior lecturers can meet each other, learn about academic teaching and recent developments, such as blended learning or mixed classroom.

During the first two years, junior teachers obtain their University Teaching Qualification (UTQ).

Educational Pioneers
In the last two years, the focus changes to educational innovation and quality improvement in complex change processes. The module Educational pioneers  provides guidelines for bringing about change in the academic context, and deepens the lecturers’ educational background. The junior lecturers participate in one or two innovation projects, which allow them to learn about educational change processes by participating in meaningful and challenging practical situations and pursue actual educational innovation.

PD and CD
In this trajectory the junior lecturers are supported in their personal and professional development (PD). It is aimed at career development (CD) and strengthening professional autonomy. Several activities are offered: individual career coaching, training, mentoring and career events.

Questions? Please contact the program coordinator: dr. Maiza Campos Ponce,