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Development Program for Junior Lecturers (DPJ)

For junior lecturers (lecturers with a D4 contract) there are several professionalization programmes within the VU. These programmes give junior lecturers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, bring about academic innovations and build up a portfolio in the context of education. They focuse on personal development and development as a teacher.
These programmes have a twofold aim: to improve the quality of teaching and to improve the career prospects of junior lecturers.

These programmes have a twofold aim:

  • to improve the quality of teaching and
  • to improve the career prospects of junior lecturers

The Development Program for Junior lecturers (DPJ) is the (English-language) VU-wide junior lecturer programme. Junior lecturers with an appointment of at least 0.8 fte for at least two years can participate. Participation is funded centrally. Participation costs approximately 150 hours per year. The entire programme takes four years and consists of various components (as described below). The Teacher Learning Community is also offered to a broader target group.

4-year DPJ programme

The Teacher Learner Community (TLC) aims to provide a stimulating environment in which junior teachers can meet each other, learn about academic education as well as recent developments such as blended learning or mixed classroom. During the first two years, junior lecturers will obtain their Basic Teaching Qualification (BKO/UTQ). In the third and fourth year, Educational Pioneer sessions will be organized. During these sessions the focus is on educational innovations and increasing the quality of education. The sessions provide junior lecturers with tools to bring about changes in an academic context.
In addition, they deepen the educational background of the junior lecturer. In order to apply this knowledge directly, the junior lecturers will participate in one or two innovation projects (depending on their agreement). This gives them the opportunity to learn about educational change processes and how to realize educational innovations. Projects take place both within a faculty and across the VU. In principle, junior lecturers can spend 160 hours on these projects. This time can be used intensively within in 4 weeks or ‘spread out’ over a longer period of time. Everything depends on the room the junior lecturer has or the requirements of the project.

Junior lecturers can be linked to SKO participants for projects. Furthermore, attention is paid to personal development (PD) and career perspectives (CD). For this purpose, individual as well as group sessions with an external coach are organized.

Information and contact

Any question about DPJ junior lecturers and/or educational innovation projects? Please, contact Maiza Campos Ponce, Project Manager and coordinator DPJ: