Target group and goal

The innovation award is intended to honour a team of staff that has developed a project which aims to improve educational practice at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) or offers an innovative interpretation to the educational vision of the VU. This can be interdisciplinary cooperation or cooperation between different expertises of teachers, supporter staff, students and social actors.


The project must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • The award grant must be fully applied to completing the project, including dissemination. Upon project completion, a report on the implementation of the project must be submitted for approval by the rector.
  • The winning team is expected to give a at least three times for a wider audience (for example at the VU’s Education Day or at other teaching-related events such as meetings of KnowVU, Leergang Onderwijskundig Leiderschap (LOL), Senior Kwalificatie Onderwijs (SKO) or faculty teaching days.
  • The winning team agrees to publish updates on the progress and findings of the project on a public website (at least ten blog posts over the duration of the project).
  • The winning team agrees to hold one public workshop half-way through the project and one workshop no more than two years after the start, and to write a final report (in Dutch or English) for a varied readership, detailing the innovation that has been developed and its benefits. It is also strongly recommended that a piece is published in a professional education journal such as the Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs.

Procedures and timing

The closing date for submissions is Tuesday 15 October 2019 and nominations should be sent by e-mail to the secretary of the Review Committee: Tim Lampe (

  • Each faculty is entitled to nominate one project.
  • The nomination will be decided by the Faculty Board.
  • The nomination must include:
  • A fully completed proposal form (Form for submitting a proposal for the 2019 Innovation Award)
  • A nomination letter from a Faculty Board member
  • Only complete nominations will be considered.
  • The faculty nominations will be evaluated by a Review Committee after submission in the beginning of November 2019.
    During the first selection round, the Review Committee members will select three nominations for the short-list following collective deliberations.
    • Review Committee members will abstain on nominations concerning any candidates from their own faculty.
    • All applicants will be informed of the Review Committee’s decision on 15 November 2019.
  • The second selection round will take place at the end of November/begin December, and will include both a round of pitches and interviews. The jury will decide upon the winner of the Innovation Award after this second selection round.
  • The three short-listed candidates also will present their projects at the VU New Years Gala 2020 on 23 January 2020. For that purpose nominees will prepare a pitch and record this at the Audio-Visual Centre. During the VU New Years Gala, the winner will be announced.

For more information about the criteria and procedure for the 2019 Innovation Award, please contact the secretary of the Review Committee: Tim Lampe (


The projects nominated will be assessed according to the following criteria:

The extent to which the project plan is substantiated convincingly and reinforces the university’s educational vision (see form: 3).
The extent to which the project is original/innovative (see form: 3).
The extent to which the innovation can be implemented sustainably, both within and outside the faculty (see form: 4).

Additional remarks/advice

The Review Committee advises faculties and teams of teachers to involve the development of proposals for e.g. (previous) Grassroots incentive scheme, KnowVU Awards and Comenius Fellow scholarships in the development of proposals for the VU Innovation Prize and vice versa.