The connection between education and research characterizes the academy. The VU doesn’t only connect research and education in the curriculum, but also explicitly in the academic career. Every scientist, including one whose career has a stronger focus on education, should have a base in research and this base must be preserved throughout their career. In general, it is impossible to have an academic career without demonstrable experience and proven expertise in education. The VU offers scientists who are particularly committed to education, the opportunity to make a career up to the level of professor. The VU has currently appointed several professors.

Would you like to get inspired for your own educational (renewal)?
Please contact (one of) these professors. Read more details here.

DIRKJAN VEEGER, Human Movement Sciences, FGB

Dirkjan Veeger VU

LIEVEN DECOCK, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, FGW

Lieven Decock VU

GJALT DE GRAAF, Political Science and Public Administration, FSW

Gjalt de Graaf VU

JAN PAUL CRIELAARD, Art and Culture, History, Antiquity , FGW

Jan Paul Crielaard VU

JACQUELINE VAN MUIJLWIJK – KOEZEN, Innovations in Human Health & Life Sciences (Science), Bèta

Jacqueline van Muijlwijk

MARJOLEIN ZWEEKHORST, Innovation and Education in the Health and Life Sciences, Bèta

Marjolein Zweekhorst