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The flipped classroom – Marjolein Zweekhorst (Athena Institute) – English

24 juni 2021 @ 10:00 - 11:30

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Dear all, please be invited to the workshop on the Flipped classroom. In 2016, our team, (Wanda konijn, and Tjard de Cock Buning) won the ‘VU innovation prize’ (50.000 euro). With the fund, we (Nicole Goedhart, Nadine Blignaut van Westhenen, and Christine Moser) continued our research in other programs and published the results  of one of these implementations in a scientific journal. Now, this article is selected for  the Best Learning Environments Article of 2020!

In this workshop we will share the results of our research and discuss with you how we can integrate these lessons learnt with the online experiences gained during Covid -19 and how to integrate lessons learnt within your education.

Find the abstract of the article below.


Beste allemaal, hierbij nodigen we je graag uit voor de workshop over de Flipped Classroom. In 2016 won ons team (Wanda konijn, en Tjard de Cock Buning) de ‘VU innovatie prijs’ (50.000 euro). Met dit geld hebben wij (Nicole Goedhart, Nadine Blignaut van Westhenen en Christine Moser) ons onderzoek in andere programma’s voortgezet en de resultaten van een van deze implementaties gepubliceerd in een wetenschappelijk tijdschrift. Dit artikel is nu geselecteerd voor het artikel over Best Learning Environments Article of 2020!

In deze workshop zullen we de resultaten van ons onderzoek presenteren en met u bespreken hoe we deze geleerde lessen kunnen integreren met de online ervaringen opgedaan tijdens Covid -19 en hoe we geleerde lessen kunnen integreren in uw opleiding.

Hieronder vindt u de engelstalige samenvatting van het artikel.

Higher education faces several challenges including both increased student diversity and the use of technologies. The flipped classroom approach has been proposed as a way to address some of these challenges. This study examined the effects of a flipped classroom trial conducted during a Master’s course at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Half of the course was taught in a traditional lecture style while the remaining half was replaced by flipped classrooms. Interviews and focus-group discussions were conducted with the students to gather information about their experiences of the flipped classroom. Questionnaires completed by the students, as well as an interview with the tutor, were used to gain further insights into the effects of the flipped classroom on learning processes, such as pre-class preparation and in-class activities. Findings highlight the success of this trial based on the positive feedback from both students and the tutor. In particular, the combination of personalised pre-class learning and peer-learning classroom activities facilitated deeper learning. Surprisingly, even though the overall experience was good, not all students agreed that the flipped classroom contributed to positive learning outcomes, which should be investigated further because such outcomes could differ depending on students’ general learning styles and preferences. Moreover, in order to facilitate flipped classrooms on a larger scale, considerable institutional support is required to enable their practical implementation and to provide flexible assessments. Our study thus sheds light on the feasibility of implementing flipped classroom teaching in higher education.

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24 juni 2021
10:00 - 11:30
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